EH2011 - 21

Easterhegg 2011
the ccc family event

Tag Ostersamstag - 2011-04-23
Raum Aula
Beginn 16:00
Dauer 01:00
ID 4378
Veranstaltungstyp Vortrag
Track Making
Sprache der Veranstaltung deutsch

protonet - 2 years later!

Two years ago we stood before you and showed off our take on a free 'net. We had our differences. We fought. Now it's time to deliver!

In the beginning we had an idea: change the net. Make it people owned. We saw what existed wouldn't do that - so we did what any good hacker would do: start to hack!

Our plan:

  • create an zero-config wireless meshing system
  • include an awesome distributed social network
  • make it the foundation for other great apps
  • weave in revlotionary and democratic dna


  • allow neighborhoods to create their instant local communities
  • enable them to rebuild their neighborhoods from the ground up
  • take back responsibility and power

For the last two years we've been hacking, lasercutting, hacking and then doing some more hacking. And yeah we stand on the shoulders of giants. And now the time has come to deliver on our promise! We'll show you what we built, how we built it, you can play with it and break it!

Let's make this an awesome reunion!

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